TRUE ITOLIV liver care capsule


itoliv liver  care capsule contains several herbs for liver health.The herbs in capsules protect liver cells function and  improve hemoglobin levels,reduce inflammation, and boost immunity of the liver.

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  • The Itoliv Liver Care Capsule is a supplement designed to promote healthy liver function.
  • The Itoliv Liver Care Capsule capsules are designed to help with the natural breakdown of fats and toxins,
  • The  Itoliv Liver Care Capsule  maintaining healthy levels of blood glucose.
  • The capsules are designed to work alongside your body’s natural processes to maintain the health of your liver.
  • The Itoliv liver care capsule  is approved by AYUSH
  • 100% vegetarian and no known side effects: is a pure vegetarian product with a non-hormonal formulation that has no known side effects.
  • Easy-to-follow dose: We recommend using this daily for a minimum of three months or as advised by a physician to get the best results.
  • Note: We recommend a consultation with an Ayurvedic physician before the consumption of these products as everyone is unique. For a free consultation with our in-house physician please Whatsapp or call us on +91 9911987797 or email us at


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